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Amtrak Bring Your Car

Can I bring my car to Amtrak? If you are planning to carry your car on Amtrak then hope this page helps you with your query.

Bring your car on Amtrak

Amtrak has the option to ship your car which is contemplating vehicle shipping. Nevertheless, Amtrak’s Auto Train service offers an affordable option by blending economical car transport with enjoyable passenger train journeys. The limitation lies in having just one route, making Amtrak car shipping impractical for many drivers.

Moving from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Florida, Amtrak offers the cheapest vehicle shipping services. The train leaves at 4 p.m and reaches at 9 a.m.

How can I bring a car seat on Amtrak?

Follow 4 instructions

  1. Reserve the tickets:

    Book tickets for both the passenger and the vehicle. Similar to other travel arrangements, it’s advisable to book Auto Train tickets well in advance due to the potential for spots to fill up rapidly.

  2. Pack the Vehicle:

    Amtrak authorizes loading vehicles with personal belongings before it’s placed on the transporter – a practice discouraged or prohibited by most other car transport authorities.

  3. Arrive to the Station:

    If departing from Virginia, or Florida, ensure your vehicle is checked in for loading onto the train by sharp 3 pm. No exceptions are made, so arriving at the station well in advance is wise.

  4. Retrieve your vehicle:

    Following the journey of 17 hours, collect your car upon unloading. Keep in mind that unloading all the cars may take some time. If you wish to speed up the shipping procedure take the priority offloading option.

Cost of bringing a car on Amtrak

One-way trip holds $95 in coach classes. A sleeper car costs $300 for a person. If amenities increase the charges will fluctuate.

  • Standard vehicle charges $285
  • Extended vehicle charge $325
  • Motorcycles charge $155

An additional fee will be included if the train uses the shipping services for moving the vehicle such as Amtrak Silver Star bringing back Dining Cars.


Amtrak allows you to carry your vehicle using the Auto Train.

Unfortunately, Amtrak does not currently allow passengers to bring pets on the Auto Train. You might require exploring alternative transportation options for the pet dog or consider leaving them with a trusted caregiver while you travel. Also, Amtrak Auto Train does not take a route to California from D.C. to bring a car and dog.

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