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Can You Bring Alcohol on Amtrak

If your coming trip is on Amtrak and you need to stay on the train for a long distance, enjoying drinks and meals on the trip helps in passing the scenery.

We are writing this article as a guide to provide information on whether Alcohol on Amtrak is permitted or not.

How to Bring Alcohol on an Amtrak Train

Amtrak follows a fair policy on food and liquid items while boarding the train. Still, there are restrictions that each passenger needs to take care of. Travellers can carry non-alcoholic liquids on trains which is applicable to all coach classes. If you are planning to carry drinks, you need to consume in the seat you booked or move to a private sleeper.

Bring the drink in a cooler bag in the carry-on baggage. As per the policy, the staff are restricted from heating, reheating, and refrigerating the food items along with the liquid drinks considering national health regulations.

If you take a seat in an Amtrak cafe car, you cannot eat or drink items that you carry in the baggage. You will be asked to purchase the drinks and snacks from the cafe only.

Drinks in checked luggage are prohibited while boarding on Amtrak.

Amtrak’s policy on alcohol is clear: only travellers with sleeper car tickets can fetch and consume alcohol, limited to their sleeper car. Alcohol consumption is not allowed in public areas, such as cafes and dining cars. Passengers without sleeper car accommodations, such as booking on coach seats, are not allowed to bring or consume alcohol on the Amtrak train. Despite some reports of leniency, secretly consuming private alcohol in other seat cars is against Amtrak’s policy, and violators may be removed by attendants or conductors.


Bringing alcohol on Amtrak is not permitted for travellers if booked sleeper tickets. Hope, reading the article you will now understand how to carry alcoholic drinks on Amtrak.

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