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Can You Bring Weed On Amtrak?

Is it possible to take weed on Amtrak? If Yes, what are the possibilities so that you will be able to carry weed to Amtrak? You wish to acknowledge whether carrying weed is permissible or not. This article is what will help you to be concerned about Amtrak’s rules and policies.

How can I take weed on Amtrak?

Amtrak does not encourage travelers to carry weed or similar types of items. As per the research, in 2019, Congress enforced a smoking and vaping veto on all trains of Amtrak, including connecting services and stations. Although long-distance trains once had smoking spaces, these were reportedly ineffective at air exchange, featuring bare accommodations with non-washable surfaces.

What are the policies on carrying Weed on Amtrak?

  • Amtrak trains observe a non-smoking policy where there is a prohibition on smoking. 
  • There might be stops available to smoke. In case the conditions and the moment allow, smoking is approved in that region. This will be announced by the crew of the train.
  • Travellers need to be aware of when the whistle will be blown and they need to reboard the train on time.
  • There will be no smoking stops if the operating time of the train is delayed.
  • Most importantly, though you get the chance to smoke if the region does not permit smoking under the law, you cannot smoke in the station.
  • Travelers traveling along with the smoke person might be disturbed or uneasy if they fill up the room with smoke. In such cases, make sure to light the smoke away from the vents on the train and the door.
  • You cannot open the window of the conductor when the train is going. The technicians might notice you and notify the conductors. For such an incident, you might be asked to move out from the train. The ticket you purchased is also wasted as no refunds will be provided after committing such an offense.


Before boarding along with your baggage on Amtrak trains, always do a study to check what possible items are allowed on the train while traveling. If you bought any items like weed, wait for the call from the crew train members or for the smoking stop.

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