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Can You Bring Food On Amtrak

Are you allowed to bring food on Amtrak? Travellers expect to carry their food while travelling in order to save some funds and enjoy the journey. If you are willing to bring food and drink items on board on Amtrak it is important to understand the norms of carrying them.

Our readers will be helpful going through the article so without wasting much time let’s proceed.

How to bring food on an Amtrak train

Carrying food items on Amtrak is allowed but there are certain rules that you need to follow. 

You can take your food at your booked seat or in the cafe car. On Amtrak, passengers are generally allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks. There are no regulations on packing snacks, sandwiches, or other personal food articles. Yet, it’s important to be considerate of fellow travellers and dodge carrying strongly odorous foods.

Amtrak also provides dining assistance on many of its routes, offering travellers the choice to pay for meals or snacks onboard. Keep in mind that policies might vary depending on the specific train route and service class.

When it comes to drinks, passengers are permitted to bring their own non-alcoholic liquors. Amtrak does not allow passengers to consume personal alcoholic beverages on the train. If you booked a private car then you can have it in your seat.

As per the Food Policy on Amtrak, you can carry food items in your handbags in small quantities and items like drinks and other perishable food are not to be carried in checked luggage. This also makes your trip pleasant.

Winding Up

It’s advisable to contact customer service for the most updated information and any specific rules about the route you schedule to travel. Being aware of and different towards Amtrak’s policies ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone.

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