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Amtrak Pet Policy

Preparing for a trip, concerned about leaving your cherished pet alone at home with no one to care for them. If you wish to take your pet on Amtrak trains, be familiar with the pet policy which is the most important point to note.

This guide will provide clear-cut rules that you need to follow while traveling with pets on an Amtrak train.

Pet Policy on Amtrak 2024

When you decide on bringing your pet to the trip the first question that flickers on is “Are pets allowed on Amtrak?” and “Is Amtrak pet friendly?”. Such queries are indeed necessary to have in mind in case you are taking pets along with you.

Pets like Dogs and Cats are allowed on Amtrak but a big no to snakes, parrots, hamsters or other animals. The total weight of the pet along with the carrier should be below 20 pounds, so larger breeds like Doodles, Labs, and Danes are not eligible. However, owners of smaller dogs can bring them on board for a fee.

Most routes lasting up to seven hours on Amtrak welcome pets. The pet should be a minimum of eight weeks old, have taken the recent vaccinations, and exhibit non-disruptive behavior – no excessive barking or hissing. Keep in mind that only five animals are allowed on a train, so it’s crucial to reserve a spot well in advance.

You need to click amtrak.com/pets in order to book the ticket. Click the option in order to include the pet reservation. The fees might range from $30 – $40 depending on the route. Also, make sure to go through the policies and sign the agreement on Pet Release and Indemnification.

The rules required to be followed in terms of carrying your pet on Amtrak:-

  • The pet will be counted as the luggage that needs to be seated under the seat.
  • The pet needs to be in the carrier during the journey.
  • Make sure to book the Coach class if you have a pet along with you.
  • There are pet cars for some routes or else you can move in coach cars.
  • The pet carrier expects to be ventilated or leakproof and must be enough for the pet to move and lie comfortably. In case the carrier fails to follow the rules, Amtrak refuses the transport.

How can you take pets on Amtrak?

Launch the app of Amtrak on Google Play and iPhone and streamline the process of travel. Also, check the status of the booking, finding station, and other add-ons for your travel with a pet.

Wrapping Up

Hope, now you are stress-free and ready to board Amtrak with your beloved pet whether cat or dog. Make sure to abide by the rules which make it eligible for the pet to travel such as the weight of the pet, complete vaccine, and mainly the carrier where your pet will be resting throughout the travel on Amtrak.

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