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Can You Bring A Bike On Amtrak

Amtrak provides bike services and if you are not fully aware of the rules to carry your bike then here we are with this article to assist you.

How to bring the bike on Amtrak Train

To take the bike follow the specific procedures and guidelines for transporting cycles.

  1. Bike Policy

    Yes, Amtrak indeed allows you to carry your Bike. Check the policy on the website as service will be rendered depending on the train. Ensure to be familiar with the regulations relevant to specific routes.

  2. Make Reservation

    After understanding the norms, make a booking for the bike and yourself. Taking a seat in advance is important because routes might have limited space.

  3. Boxed

    Amtrak allows bicycles onboard both boxed and unboxed, rules might vary. If your bike is boxed, you need to ensure the size of the box meets the requirements. In case the bike is not boxed, check whether Amtrak permits unboxed bikes or not.

    Carry-On: Bikes and folding scooters need to be up to 50 lbs. Whereas, the maximum width is 2 inches.

    Checked: Bikes – 50 lbs
    Non-folding cycles –  70″ x 41″ x 8.5″

  4. Prepare the Bike

    Make sure to remove accessories, and other loose items and add padding for safety preventing the product from damage during transit.

  5. Arrive Early

    Reach the station in advance of the departure time. Arriving early ensures you have ample time to check in on the bike and board the train without any hustle.

  6. Check-In Procedure

    Locate the baggage in the designated spot for bikes at the station. Follow the instructions to complete the check-in procedure.

  7. Board the Train

    Hear announcements and observe the instructions provided by the staff for boarding with the bike. Be ready to lift the bike onto the train or into the appointed storage area.

Area to store bike

Find the bike storage area on the Amtrak train. Depending on the train type, this could be an Amtrak car or a specific section within the car. Ensure the bike is securely reserved according to Amtrak’s strategies.

On reaching the destination, hold for instructions on disembarking with the bike. Follow the procedures outlined by Amtrak to safely retrieve the bike and exit the train.


By following these stages and adhering to Amtrak’s procedures, you can bring the bike along for a smooth and enjoyable train trip.

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