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How To Cancel Amtrak Ticket?

Amtrak offers a comprehensive transportation experience, covering over 500 destinations with services like travel in groups, hotels, car rentals, vouchers, and other travel options. If unforeseen circumstances lead to plan changes, Amtrak accommodates cancellations with a user-friendly approach, understanding the unpredictability of life.

This guide provides essential details on canceling tickets, associated fees, and navigating such situations.

How can I cancel my Amtrak Ticket

Cancellation of Amtrak ticket reservation can be processed

  • Cancel the ticket Online
  • Amtrak Ticket cancellation on the app
  • Reach out to customer support over the phone to cancel the reservation

Cancellation of Amtrak Ticket Online

The following steps will lead you to cancel the ticket online:-

  1. Visit amtrak.com on the browser.
  2. If already an existing user, just enter the account details to log in.
  3. Click the My Account option.
  4. Now, you can see the View or Edit tab. Tap to check the reservations.
  5. Select the booking to be canceled.
  6. Next, click the Cancel Trip option and follow the instructions as displayed on the screen.

Users without an account need to Select the Modify option and input the reservation details to retrieve the booking info. After click the Cancel tab to confirm the cancellation.

How to cancel an Amtrak ticket on the App

To cancel an Amtrak ticket through the app:-

  • Open the Amtrak app on the device: iOS or Android
  • Log in to your Amtrak account.
  • Locate the reservation you desire to cancel in the trip history.
  • Look for a “Cancel” or “Modify” tab as per your requirements specified with the reservation.
  • Go through the screen instructions and complete the process of cancellation.

Cancellation of Ticket Ticket Amtrak on a Call

If you encounter any issues or are unable to find the option, consider reaching out to Amtrak customer support for assistance at -1-800-872-7245. They will indeed you guide through the process and resolve the issue you are facing.

Booking through third-party agents need to contact the agent from where you booked the ticket. The norms will differ from the norms of the Amtrak website.

Overview of Cancellation Policy of Amtrak Train Ticket

  • If you made up your mind to cancel the trip or you have no other option than canceling it make sure that cancellation is possible by utilizing the medium you selected while acquiring it.
  • Refunds will depend on ticket type, following the deadline to cancel the ticket, and trip length, resulting in a variable refund amount. No fixed charges are included.
  • Refund on Amtrak Ticket might be from zero to one hundred percent. If cancellation is made on the booking date, a full refund will be offered.
  • Amtrak’s cancellation policy includes flexibility in case of illness; providing a doctor’s prescription may result in fee waivers or future accommodations. 
  • Non-refundable tickets may be eligible for reimbursement through an e-voucher. 
  • In case you don’t use all segments of the trip, the remaining fare will be deducted, and a refund for the unused portion may be issued.

How to cancel Amtrak ticket with Insurance

  • To cancel an Amtrak ticket with insurance, you will generally be required to reach Amtrak’s customer service.
  • Clarify the situation and provide the necessary facts, such as the reservation number and insurance information. 
  • They will assist you through the cancellation procedure and support you with any refund options covered by the insurance policy. 

What are fees on Amtrak Ticket Cancellation

  • On cancelling in the travelling month you need to pay 25% of the train fare.
  • For cancelling within 1 to 10 day of the travelling period, pay 75% as charge.
  • In case you cancel on 11th of that particular month, pay the full money which implied your ticket is non refundable.


If you have any further queries regarding the cancellation of the ticket online or the ticket with insurance, the customer support service is there to guide you.

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